Palmitos Mexican Eatery in San Diego serves amazing asada tacos

They impart a flavor that is common to all roast meats

Photo by: Los Palmitos Taco Shop

Our host Isaac Kalimo sampled the second taco from Palmitos Mexican Eatery, situated at 5145 Clairemont Mesa Blvd in San Diego; he had the taco de adobada during the first delivery he liked a lot, but this time he tried the taco de asada.

The equivalent taco will be given two bites first, followed by a verdict and a final grade, as the Taco Bites tagline is "One Bite, Two Tacos." Before taking the first mouthful, he chose to examine the flesh, which appeared to be somewhat overdone, but he told himself that a comprehensive assessment would have to wait until the next taste.

Another thing that stuck out was that they placed two onions next to this taco, known as cambray onions, and often roasted on the grill while grilling roast beef. The green sauce was added to the taco since it couldn't be deemed a taco without it.

When he tasted it, he said that the meat would have been dry if it had been cooked a bit longer and that the tortilla, while not homemade, was pretty enormous. The onions added a nice flavor to the taco, and something I haven't seen elsewhere is that this taco includes pico de gallo when most places provide onion and cilantro with guacamole. This cue received an 8.1 rating.

If you're interested in learning more about Palmitos Mexican Eatery, go to their Facebook page by clicking here.


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