San Diego: Todo Pa 'La Cruda's taco de Asada falls short because of a lack of guacamole.

Todo pa' la cruda savors authentic Mexican flavors.

In this episode of Taco Bites, our host, Isaac Kalimo, visits Todo Pa 'La Cruda, a restaurant located at 2851 Imperial Ave in San Diego, where two tacos have already been sampled in recent weeks, the first of which was adobada and the second of which was birria; on this occasion, a classic taco will be tested for which Mexico is famous and which is sold in almost all taqueras, the taco de asasda

This taco comes with roast beef, cilantro, onion, lemon, and radish slices on one side; at Todo Pa 'La Cruda, you may select your own sauce, so Isaac went with raw green sauce.

When Isaac tasted the taco, he said that the flavor was pleasant throughout the taco and that the sauce complimented the food well because it wasn't too hot. Without taking another bite, he couldn't finish his idea because the Taco Bites tagline is "One Taco, Two Bites."

He went on to say that the meat was well-seasoned without being overbearing and that if it had guacamole, he would prefer it to the adobada taco he had previously tasted; but, without this addition, he awarded this taco a 7.8.

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