Sirloin Stockade at Plaza Alameda in Tijuana is closed due to air intoxication

13 people were hospitalized due to this incident

Photo by: Cortesía

The Sirloin Stockade restaurant located in Plaza Alameda Otay was closed by elements of the Fire Department in charge of Oscar Páez Ruiz; high levels of carbon monoxide caused 13 people to be sent to the Mexican Red Cross urgently due to intoxication.

The Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C4) received a call on Sunday, October 10 at 22:00 hours warning about a possible intoxication of people in the place, as a result of this the affected people were immediately transferred to the Red Cross and the premises were closed.


The Civil Protection Department, headed by Rafael Carrillo Venegas, conducted an inspection of the place, as a result of which high levels of carbon monoxide were found, which was inhaled by the people who were intoxicated. Based on the triage program used to classify the severity of the patients, six were in code yellow and seven in code orange.

Those under code orange were to be treated within the first few minutes, while the other six patients required emergency care within two hours.


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