A slice of pizza is healthier than a sugary cereal

who would have thought it?

Photo by: Life Trendy Magazine

According to a study by Chicago Tribune, a slice of pizza is healthier than a bowl of milk-sweetened cereal.

It is important to take into consideration that this research was carried out based on United States cereals, which generally have a higher level of sugar and zero proteins.

If you want an example, think about the Cap'n Crunch cereal, which contains 44.4% sugar and in each 35-gram bowl, 15.6 grams are sugar.

Apparently, a piece of pizza is healthier than a bowl of cereal, according to research conducted by the Chicago Tribune.

Chelsey Amer, a nutritionist at The Chicago Tribune, explains that a slice of pizza is not the perfect breakfast, but it does have a great advantage in nutrients compared to a sweet cereal.

It is true that both contain the same amount of calories, but at least the pizza has protein, which helps the body stay satisfied for longer.

Although we all know that we can’t really have pizza for breakfast every day because it is not healthy, at least you now know that if one day you face such decision, refuse the "sugary" cereal and take the slice of pizza.


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