The night of the crazy Tijuanans

The thinker and humorist Diego Silverio Saavedra Lara compares the attacks on Honduran migrants in Playas de Tijuana with those of the first Nazis to the Jewish migrants in Germany. We continue with Diego's weekly column in San Diego Red.

Parece que o Forsetes e o Sath gostam bastante do Homem de Ferro

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In 1938, poison spread by the Nazi Propaganda, the Germans carried out a series of violent acts against the Jewish population whom they considered invaders. The fateful night was baptized as“ "the night of broken glass".

After 80 years, people displaced by violence, crime and political instability seek to improve their current situation by migrating. They were attacked by Mexican citizens (Tijuanans) who, like the Germans in the 1930s, are intoxicated by xenophobic propaganda disguised as news.

The images captured on video by several reporters show a mob of people, some of them emboldened by alcohol, hurled slogans to the Honduran migrants, questioning them, harassing them, and it got to a point where in spite of the human barrier formed by some activists the violence erupted and for a moment there the migrant camp was a skirmish.

In a past column I reflected on the radicalization of the right in the face of a possible failure of the center-left administration that will take office in less than a month, so that it will not be necessary to wait for the failure of the fledgling administration but the far-right sensibility nourishes from other sources. Even to not go that far into speculation, last Sunday's march in favor of the Texcoco project had its xenophobic expressions on some posters calling for the expulsion of migrants.

The roots of this feeling can be found in multiple moments of the history of this country, as a colonial example we have the caste system that attributes to each caste behaviors, values ​​and attitudes based on their physical appearance. A situation analogous to the comments made on social networks where they express: “these people are criminals by nature" "this is the disorganized catrachos* and scoundrels".

In a very brief essay, Claudio Lomnitz warns about anti-Semitism within the revolutionary nationalism, nationalism that ultimately in the context of the cold war, the sense of patriotism increased when expressing "neither communist nor capitalist, Mexican" thus breaking any possibility of generating an internationalist conscience in the working classes.

The actions and rejection of some Mexicans is not an issue that has come out of nowhere, but is the product of the lack of work, years of individualist indoctrination and the null development of class consciousness among Mexicans

It is understandable the panic that generates this sort of situation in the more declassified fellow countrymen. During the nineteenth century it was shown that migrants were the reserve army of the bourgeoisie, that even though the migrants replaced the strikers, it was not their fault but the system that only seeks to increase the rate of profit.

Unfortunately, this situation is not endemic or exclusive of Mexico, but the anti-migrant sensibility crosses the countries of the so-called global north, where neo-Nazi groups begin to multiply even in some countries to gain seats in the legislative chambers.

Are we to give Marx reason again? “"The great facts and characters of universal history appear, as it were, twice ... once as a tragedy and the other as farce".

*a male born in Honduras.

Diego is co-author of the podcast and YouTube Channel Chalino Marx. He has a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Baja California and a teaching in Social Sciences. During his years of academic training he worked as a research assistant at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, in the Social Studies department. He has participated as a speaker in multiple conferences and conferences, as well as a researcher specialized in the Management of Research and Documentation of Arts at CECUT.


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