Let’s save the Mexican right-wing

Abraham Mendietainvites us, with a clarity that will bring goose bumps to some, to have a bit of compassion for that chaotic mess in which the Mexican right-wing has become. With this collaboration, Abraham continues his weekly column at San Diego Red.

The political categories of the 20th century, such as left and right, can no longer explain the directions that divide ideological views of the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re unnecessary in the daily political battle, in the day to day strife for common sense (and heart) that allows us to understand the reality that we live in as citizens.

The Right-wing party of Mexico, like any other in the whole world, has a lot of problems, but if anyone wants to define the tough crossroads in which they are situated nationally it is its complete blurring: the loss of values that gave it a purpose of existence and above all a future project in which to exist and operate.

The Mexican Right no longer even advocates the conservative principle by which it prefers injustice over disorder.

In practice, the right has never fulfilled the promise of keeping order, because it understands it like a synonym for coercion and militarization, not of virtue or legitimacy, and for example, the administration of Calderon, which, far from bringing order, justified his misdeeds in him: in his narrative, in his speech, and in his appearance, intended to keep the pantomime.

And that is why today, six years after his detrimental six-year term, calderonism still exists as people, as a shared political identity that gives its followers a relatively similar idea of the world. Nowadays, despite the disaster, the calderonismo continues to have followers, something that “anayism” doesn’t have nor will ever have.

The right-wing, by its reactionary nature, it always has the challenge of fleeing disorder at the expense of everything: that was its great defeat, its executioner, more than just a person, it was the political process that unfolded: anayism, correlation of pragmatism and the ambition of PRI under the wing of PAN, best example of ideological, political and organizational disorder by which the older and recalcitrant silhouettes of the ashes of the PRD negotiated spaces and quotas of power with their brothers of ambition in the new Mexican right, liberal and illiberal equally, in the leadership of PAN: the candidacy for city government is for you, the presidential for me, for both: the defeat, with the only difference that PRD was already dead, and with this maneuver it only dragged PAN to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

There’s only one alternative for the right wing: face the vision of the world we’re building from the left and build again a credible story for one part of the population, to make us look into it, for its effort and ideological coherence a valid interlocutor with one to confront democratically.

Meanwhile, they only buy us the agenda, to then attack it with self-appointed youtubers as unofficial spokespersons for machismo, xenophobia and hatred. Today the right-wing needs us, even if we do not need it.


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