Stem Cell Therapy in Baja with Dr. Hino

Stem Cell Therapy in Baja with Dr. Hino

Dr. Hino, PhD., in Ensenada, is thought of very highly by his patients who all claim that they are not necessarily cured, but feeling much better thanks to his treatment. His attended the prestigious Cal Tech in Molecular Biology. His Doctorate is from the Molecular Laboratories in Cambridge, England, where he did stem cell research. He runs the Ensenada Health and Wellness Center located on Obregon Street.

He does extensive lab work on everyone, either the more basic costing $45 or one that covers everything for $100. He does the evaluation of the patients. Two free consultations are given, the second covering the results of the lab work. Each person that spoke to me said that his blood tests were the best that they had ever had, and his explanations were the most thorough, indicating that this man has his patient's interests at heart. The stem cell treatment costs between $3600 and $6000. Payment plans can be arranged.

Jane had a lot of pain due to deteriorated disks in her back. He explained her entire system at length after the results of the blood test were in. He went over how her levels of cholesterol might affect her for instance. This was not the original complaint but he covered it at length with her anyway.

He spends a lot of time with each patient but does not do the stem cell therapy which is administered by a resident doctor of medicine. He does oversee the procedure and make his recommendations. He creates the mixtures. The point here is that there is indeed a doctor at the clinic. All three of the people I interviewed stressed this.

Jane said that her pain was about a nine point five on a scale of ten before treatment. After receiving a series of treatments with stem cells she feels her pain is manageable, maybe a three. The treatments are ongoing with more being done in six months. The original series cost her $3000.

I also interviewed Rob who has heart disease and fibromyalgia. He has been to an alternative medical center in Northern California for chelation therapy. Dr. Hino's clinic uses chelation as well. According to the Ensenada Health and Wellness Center's website chelation therapy "Clears arteries, removes heavy metals, plaque, increases blood flow, and reduces heart disease". Wikipedia states: "Chelation is administered in different ways, but the main idea is for the chemical(s) being introduced to bond with unwanted substances such as lead and remove them using intravenous or injection".

Rob also mentioned he felt the lab work was the most extensive he had ever had. He did treatments for seven months total. Before getting treatment with Dr. Hino he had been using nitroglycerin on a regular basis. Now he says he uses it infrequently. He also says his fibromyalgia pain is gone which is a nice claim to be able to make as many sufferers of this disease can become incapacitated.

My third interviewee was Therese who had liver disease so went to see Dr. Hino for relief. She went two times a week for a forty five minute drip via intravenous of stem cell therapy. She is quite happy with her result as well. She also wanted people to know that he does pro bono work for the poor. He is in the process of creating a small golf course in Ensenada with recovery housing for his patients so they can remain close by if necessary.

Here is a brief interview I conducted with the doctor via email:

Why are you in Mexico?

Dr. Hino:

I am here in Mexico doing research on cancer and chronic degenerative diseases using various forms of stem cell therapies.

What brought you to stem cell therapy?

Dr. Hino:

My background is in Molecular Biology.

I am researching what causes degenerative diseases so the obvious choice is to use regenerative medicine which involves stem cells.

Who is your target audience/patient base?

Dr. Hino:

My current target base is patients from Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

What do you want to say to this audience?

Dr. Hino:

If there is a will, there is a way!

What are your short and long term goals?

Dr. Hino:

I have already accomplished my short term goals.

My long term goals are to continue my short term goals.

Would you recommend the Hitt Wellness Center if you are overloaded?

Dr. Hino:

I have only heard about the Hitt Wellness Center and have only researched what Dr. Hitt was doing in Tijuana.

I do believe he was trying to make a difference in improving the quality of life in his patients.

Clinic hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8 am until 2pm. Closed on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Susan A Mahalick has a book about living in Baja that explains much of what a person needs to know about living here. My Gold Coast-----Baja can be found on


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