VIDEO: Sabrina Speckman, altruistic young San Diegan helps Mexican worker

The young woman gave this Mexican working woman some money

Sabrina Speckman is a young woman from Chula Vista that in 2021 worked at a Red Cross medical clinic located in Maicao, border municipality between Colombia and Venezuela. This young woman, with her own social media pages, decided to open a space where she could help, alongside other people, the people who need it the most.

This week, the young woman uploaded a video on TikTok where she recorded the moment where she helped Rosa, a woman who was selling fruit and tamales. Sabrina kindly wanted to thank Rosa for her help and gave her $200 dollars. In the video, Rosa claimed that she was homeless and lives in a shelter. She also said that she would use that money to buy food.

This TikTok video has had 16,6k views on Speckman's account and around 300 people have reacted 100% positively, wishing to know Rosa's address to also help her. Many have asked how to help, which means that this video has achieved its goal.

In 2021, Speckman created her own fundraiser called "Positive Potential", which has helped her to help dozens of Venezuelan families that were refugees at the border, most of them living between metal sheets and plastic.

In addition, she continues to share videos talking about this situation and fundraised enough money to pay for children's surgeries and purchase 300 pairs of shoes, 80 mattresses, clothes, food, and water. Her goal is to go back to Colombia and continue helping refugees to help them achieve better life conditions. Among her dreams, she wishes to create a school, a clinic, and much more.

How to know more about this project?

Sabrina Speckman opened Instagram and TikTok accounts called @positivepotentialcol where she partakes in social activism to give visibility to everything happening in Maicao, Colombia. The young woman has delivered money, highlighted stories, and given her time in order to help vulnerable people.

Social media pages where you can help can be found at:

VIDEO: Sabrina Speckman, the young San Diegan who has helped tens of families

[dailymotion title="Sabrina Speckman, la joven de San Diego que ha ayudado a decenas de familias" image="" duration="77S"]x8z1l78[/dailymotion]


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