Juanchito, dog abandoned by Caffenio in Tijuana, is adopted by daughter of Julio César Chávez

The dog loved by social media finally has a forever home

Animal abuse and abandonment is not only illegal in Baja California, but the community looks at this as a very bad act, especially if the people responsible are identified. In addition, the affected animals receive unconditional support.

Tijuana native dog abandoned at Caffenio finally has a home

In SanDiegoRed we have been following the case of Juanchito, a stray dog that was adopted by a branch of the coffee shop Caffenio in Tijuana. Though this act really moved thousands of people, it did not last long.

It seems that that this company carried out this solidarity act once and completely forgot about it, because despite making a commitment to take care of all of the dog’s expenses, this promise was not kept.

Yazmine Amillano, the person who has spoken about this story since the beginning, was the one in charge of buying food for this animal, making sure he would eat it and healing the wounds that had been caused by other dogs.

Despite the fact that Juanchito had a wooden house to protect himself from weather conditions, this was not really a life for him, as he continued to get lost in the streets, and the establishment's management never really worried about him.

Due to this, a new family for Juanchito was needed. Despite many setbacks, wounds, lack of appetite, and general distrust of humans after being taken to a temporary home, there was someone who decided to give him a chance: Nicole Chávez, the daughter of famous boxer Julio César Chávez.

She said that she loves animals and that she wanted to achieve her dream of having a foundation, as such she said the following in a video where she revealed that Juanchito has found his new forever home:

A few weeks ago, I was very disappointed because one of my dream is to have my foundation one day and in order to learn more about this topic I got in contact with 3 "renowned" foundations and I offered that I would gather a certain amount of money every month, go to the shelters to play and walk with the dogs, and try to look for godparents or people who wanted to adopt them. In all of them, they answered the same thing: we accept the money, but we don't allow people to come and see the shelters. I did not take long for me to realize that not everyone has the same love I have for dogs.

From a dog who fought in the streets to having a boxer grandfather

Nicole said that he found out about Juanchito's story thanks to social media, which is why she got in contact with the people who were taking care of him. She decided to give him a chance so that he could have a new family so that she could take care of Juanchito's noble soul.

[quote]I found out about Juanchito's story on TikTok. A dog that @caffenio used by falsely adopting it to get more sales and that is how I found @paulalmunguia and @yaz.amillano ❤️ two people who share the same feeling I do and who never abandoned him in these almost 3 years in which he lived in the streets. I am happy to change your life Juanchito


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