Will rain come back to Tijuana this week?

If you're wondering if rain is coming back to Tijuana this week, learn all about it here

If you're wondering if rain is coming back to Tijuana this week, you will probably like this answer. Early this week, partially cloudy days have been forecasted in the region with gusts of wind from the west of 10 to 15 km/hour.

This means that temperatures will be cool throughout the day, with a significant drop in the evenings and mornings, which will create cold conditions.

Fog in the morning and evening

However, presence of a marine layer and fog in the coastal areas is expected, which could affect visibility and sailing conditions.

That's why, Civil Protection Tijuana has recommended people to keep an eye on statements and announcements related to weather forecasts. "It is essential to take precautions and to be ready for adverse weather conditions that could occur," they said on social media.

A week with no rain in Tijuana

After several weeks of constant rain in the city, we are happy to announce that forecasts indicate that rain won't be a problem, at least in the next few days.

However, it is essential to keep oneself informed through statements issued by Civil Protection Tijuana, as weather forecasts can change suddenly.

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