They will be free! Start of bariatric surgery program in Baja California is announced

Marina del Pilar announced the first stage of medical evaluations for the free surgery campaign

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, revealed the beginning of medical evaluations for possible candidates to be selected for the first bariatric surgery campaign in the state.

The state governor explained that this program, boosted by public welfare, the federal and state health industry, and DIF Baja California, has as a primary goal to address morbid obesity with which a significant number of people live with in our state.

She added that, recognizing the importance of addressing this situation from its roots, the DIF BC System is offering comprehensive and affordable options for those who need it the most.

As such, the president of this agency, Mavis Olmeda García, explained that the first stage of pre-selection will be carried out at Center of Comprehensive Rehabilitation (CRI) facilities in Mexicali.

Here, possible candidates attended an informative talk about the procedure and learned about the infirmary, general medicine, and nutrition, and at the end, they were given a diet plan that they must follow before the operation.

In addition, Olmeda García said that the bariatric surgery campaign represents one of the efforts to improve health and quality of life of those who fight against obesity.

"This initiative is looking not only to provide an effective surgical procedure, but also guarantee comprehensive follow-up that includes medical and continuous nutritional and medical evaluation.”

DIF Baja California has already assisted 100 candidates in the city of Tijuana, which are in the protocol and in the process of defining in which hospital or health center they will be treated and have surgery at.

On the other hand, it was revealed that they are estimating that 200 people statewide will be assisted. People interested can go directly to offices of this agency in each municipality, to the Social Medicine area at Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers (CRI) in Mexicali and Tijuana and/or call the following number: 686 567 1927.

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