Top 6 restaurants perfect to eat during Lent in Tijuana

These restaurants serve seafood and both contemporary and traditional dishes

Lent season has arrived and with that there's a change in the weather to nicer temperatures so that people can eat fresh dishes, especially seafood, which is chosen as an alternative to meat during these days.

That's why here's a list of the Top 6 best seafood restaurants in Tijuana, hoping that this recommendation helps you and your family to enjoy a great meal.

La Barra Conchita

Inspired by the culinary traditions of northern Mexico and southern California, La Barra Conchita by Chefs Diego Hernández and David Montana opens its 2nd branch in Tijuana at Península. Here they offer specialties such as blue tuna fin sashimi, sea urchin hakata, callo de hacha (atrina) and lion's claw, crab pincers, seafood tray, ceviche, grilled bicolored fish, rib eye chicharron, gobernador, and shrimp tacos, and a great variety of drinks such as mojitos, mezcal, wines, and mixology for an afternoon in a relaxed and sophisticated beach environment.

Lion Fish

Mixing contemporary flavors with fresh ingredients and creative setups, at Lion Fish you can find tuna carnitas, angulo steak, grilled oysters, rock shrimps, gio ceviche, and even frutti di mare pasta, which will open your appetite and elevate your experience to a whole new level. Find them at their Río and Terraza branches at 3era Etapa Río.

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Being one of the most popular restaurants in Tijuana among locals and tourists, Cabanna located at Plaza Paseo Chapultepec stands out not only due to the excellence and speed of their service but the way in which they serve their delicious dishes. They have created unique flavors when compared to others such as the scorpion octopus, blue tuna tostadas, aguachile tacos, and beach entrees, as well as mixology drinks.


With Tijuana's traditional homemade flavor, family restaurant Rabelo's offers excellent food. When ordered, you can get as an entree a fish ball broth, accompanied by tortillas chips with fresh salsa, and fish sticks breaded with tartar sauce. When your actual dish arrives, which includes steaks and a variety of shrimps, you may be too full to continue. When you finish, you can take a refreshing kahlua as a dessert. Find them at Plaza Guadalupe on Bulevar Sánchez Taboada in Zona Río.

Mariscos El Mazateño

Always recommended by diners and visited by celebrities, Mariscos El Mazateño stands out due to its popular spicy shrimp taco which has delighted the most demanding palates. Here you will find delicious ceviche and aguachile. This is a stop you must visit. Find them at Calzada Tecnológico in Colonia Tomas Aquino, Otay.

Los Arcos

With more than 4 decades of tradition, history, and several open restaurants, such as Cabanna and Casa de Leo, Los Arcos brings to Tijuana all the flavor from Culiacan, Sinaloa. This restaurant is known as the "Best Seafood Cuisine in the Pacific Coast", becoming a national sensation in the gastronomic industry. Its star dishes are the gobernador taco, culichi steak, Doña Reyna steak, and taco bonita, which provides a Californian flavor from San Diego. Find them at Blvd. Salinas y Escuadrón 201, Colonia Aviación.

As an extra, here's a restaurant from Rosarito we highly suggest you try:

Mariscos Popotla Jr.

Located at Popotla, Rosarito, this area built of palm tree and wood provides not only the best gobernador tacos, ceviche, tostadas, shrimps, and fish with unforgettable flavors in well served dishes, but all of this at affordable prices. It also has a children's area, it is perfect for the whole family, and their service is kind and approachable. Click here to check out their address!.

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