First generation in all of Mexico of nurses specialized in anesthesia graduates in Tijuana

Last Friday, March 1, the first generation of nurses specialized in anesthesia graduated; they are the first generation in the country

Without a doubt, Tijuana has consolidated itself as one of the most important places in the medical industry, not only because of its medical tourism and the great quality of its specialists, but also due to its commitment with innovation and academic excellence in medicine.

The International Metabolic Medicine Institute (IIMM) is an example of innovation and development in the health industry, consolidating itself as the specialized leader in effective metabolic disease reversal, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that includes the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence. Its pedagogic area has also stood out.

Last Friday, March 1, 2024, a graduation ceremony took place at IIMM facilities. This graduation ceremony was for the 1st generation of the Diploma Course for Nursing in Anesthesia, the first one in all of Mexico. This reaffirms the city's commitment with its improvement of high-quality medical care.

In total, 5 students were the ones who graduated from this diploma course which lasted 6 months. Doctor Héctor Acosta, anesthesiologist and head of the nursing course at IIMM, said that thanks to this first generation of specialized nurses, they will be able to assist inside and out of the operating room during the entire development of the daily anesthesia process.

This is a generation of specialized nurses, Dr. Actor stated, which will be located in several different private and public hospitals, accompanied by anesthesiologists with a high level of quality service.

Dr. Héctor Acosta, Dr. Estefanía Ramírez
Dr. Héctor Acosta, Dr. Estefanía Ramírez

With this new approach of nurses specialized in anesthesia, the quality of medical care in Tijuana has been strengthened.

It should be noted that this first diploma course of nursing with anesthesia has been possible thanks to a coordinated effort between Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) and the Mindray corporation, who have joined efforts to contribute to the specialization of this new generation of nurses. They will be trained, assist anesthesiologists, and carry out all activities related to this area such as relieving pain and care before, during, and after surgical procedures.

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