Baja California approves of Marina del Pilar! She stands out as one of 5 best rated female governors in Mexico: Mitofsky

The Baja Californian governor has an approval rating of 54.2% according to people polled

Once again, the governor of Baja California has been recognized for her work in the state through the Mitofsky ranking, which evaluates approval ratings of governors' administrations.

According to the latest recently published poll, Marina del Pilar climbed 3 places compared to last month and was ranked #5 as one of the best rated female governors in Mexico.

This means that the Baja Californian governor is ranked in the top 5 of best Mexican female governors with an approval rating of 54.2%.

In January, among the 32 governors of Mexico, Marina del Pilar was ranked 11th place nationwide and in December 2023, she was ranked 14th.

Marina del Pilar is looking to improve quality in Baja California

The Baja Californian governor continues to carry out actions to benefit the region. An example of this is her recent trip to Arizona where she is looking to strengthen social and economic bonds with this US state.

In addition, she presented progress regarding the 2022-2027 Home State Program, which has contributed to the construction of more than 40,000 housing actions during her administration, making Baja California a national example regarding public policies that guarantee a dignified home for everyone.

She also inaugurated the photovoltaic parking lot in Mexicali's Civic Center a few days ago, which had an investment of 38 million pesos. This project will considerably save electricity use in the center's public buildings while taking an important step towards sustainability.

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