Light showers will arrive in Tijuana tonight due to new winter storm

Light rain will occur tonight

Starting in the evening of Monday, February 19, there will be a 20% chance of light rain, which will increase to 30% through Tuesday.

On Tuesday 20, at night, rain and showers' intensity will increase and this phenomenon will remain until the morning of Wednesday due to a new winter storm that will affect the region. Southern winds between 15 and 30 km/hour are also expected during these showers.

On Wednesday 21, rain chances will remain at 40% with winds of up to 25 km/hour.

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana, through Civil Protection Tijuana, has reiterated to keep in mind the following measures:

  • Protect children, seniors, and people sensitive to weather changes.
  • If leaving home, do it with precaution.
  • Keep an eye on cables and electrical wiring that could fall.
  • Avoid crossing streams by car or walking.
  • Don't go in the sea while the high tide alert remains.
  • If you live in a risk area, report any incident to the emergency hotline or mobile apps.
  • Keep an eye on statements and announcements by this agency issued in the following hours.

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