What will the weather in Tijuana be on the next 7 days?

Once again, there are forecasts of several continuous rainy days

Rain in California and Baja California hasn't stopped, and what is really interesting is that these have continuous rainy days. Two weeks ago, showers lasted almost one whole week in Tijuana.

This week, that will begin on Monday, February 19, something similar is expected, although it is not as heavy as previous forecasts. This time, three days of showers are expected. Some days will be warmer and others will be colder, but three of these days have high chances of rain.

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These are the weather forecasts according to weather forecast website, Meteored. Remember to always keep an eye on these forecasts, as weather can change suddenly.

-Monday: 30% chance of rain in the morning (around 8 AM); there will be light rain and the sky will be cloudy all day. Maximum temperatures will be 17°C and minimum temperatures will be 10°C.

-Tuesday: 70% chance of rain during the day; if there are showers, they will occur at 5 PM. Maximum temperatures will be 18 °C, and minimum temperatures will be 10 °C.

-Wednesday: 90% chance of rain, the day with the highest chances of showers. Light rain is expected throughout the entire day, from the early morning until 10 PM. Maximum temperatures will be 17°C and minimum temperatures will be around 12°C.

-Thursday: no rain is expected this day, though there will be cloudy intervals. Temperatures will drop this day.

-Friday: weather forecasts say that it will be a sunny day, though it will have the lowest temperatures of the week. Maximum temperatures will be 18°C and minimum temperatures will be 7°C.

-Saturday: clouds will return to Tijuana. Maximum temperatures will drop to 17°C and the minimum temperatures will be 8°C.

-Sunday: 70% chances of rain. Light showers are expected starting at 1 PM.

For these rainy days, we recommend the following:

-Choose a good umbrella: choose a resistant umbrella that is able to withstand strong winds to keep yourself protected during rainy days.

-Wear waterproof shoes: use shoes or boots that repel water to keep your feet dry and avoid slippery floors.

-Drive carefully: decrease your speed and increase the distance between vehicles when driving during the rain to avoid accidents. Road conditions can turn very dangerous, so it is important to drive very carefully.

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