Bioluminescent waves will illuminate beaches of southern California

This is an incredible phenomenon that attracts dozens of people to the region's coasts

An amazing spectacle has returned to southern California coasts: bioluminescent waves, a phenomenon that occurs due to the blossoming of plankton.

Internet users managed to take beautiful pictures of this nightly event. Such is the case of these beautiful waves at Point Mugu, California, which were shared by photographer Felix G Escobar.

According to the user, this spectacle took place on Saturday, January 6 at around 10 PM.

Photo by: Felix G Escobar
Photo by: Felix G Escobar
Photo by: Felix G Escobar
Photo by: Felix G Escobar

Other bioluminescent waves were caught by user Bambi Leigh Hale in Newport Beach last weekend. One can even see in these pictures people swimming in the ocean and enjoying the experience, despite low temperatures.

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Photo by: Bambi Leigh Hale
Photo by: Bambi Leigh Hale

Where can I see the bioluminescent waves?

In several spots of southern California such as Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Seal Beach.

Through Facebook page [url=]Bioluminescence in Orange County/ Southern California, you can find more photographs and some of the destinations where you can watch this phenomenon.

How are bioluminescent waves made?

This phenomenon is caused by dinoflagellates, often referred to as "fire plants" due to their ability to emit light. Essentially, these are chemicals generated by marine organisms when agitated.

This event is associated with the red tide, a discoloration of ocean waters due to the blossoming of algae.

This event can be brief or last for several weeks, however, predicting when, where, and for how long they will last is still a challenge.

Not all red waves cause this reaction, as there are different types. The proliferation of algae can be potentially harmful due to its toxins. However, currently there is no public health warning about this blossoming that is occurring along the California coast.

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