IMAC promotes inclusivity through courses to read and write braille

These courses offer useful tools to understand the method and practice of the braille system in a 4-month period

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana, through the Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture (IMAC) and the Public Library Network, will teach free courses to read and write braille in order to promote comprehensive participation and inclusivity of people with visual impairments.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, through the Secretariat of Wellbeing, promotes programs focused on inclusivity and access to the same opportunities for all Tijuana natives.

IMAC director, Jesús Emmanuel Villalba León, explained that the goal of this course is that participants learn general aspects about disability culture and the utility, method, and practice of the braille system for free during a 4-month period.

Villalba León shared that this course with a theoretical-practical focus will take place at Benito Juárez Library facilities and it will be taught by coordinator Judith Arellano. This course is aimed at the general public and teachers and people with visual disabilities, while its goal is to make participants aware of the importance of empathy, getting rid of biases, and promote the development of vulnerable groups.

The official stated that these classes will begin on February 6, 2024 and they have limited capacity. To learn more or enroll, you can call the following number: (664) 684 9450 or send an email to the following address:

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