Tijuana native creator of "The Four Agreements", Don Miguel Ruiz, shares powerful messages about knowledge and beauty

Don Miguel Ruiz, known for being the author of "The Four Agreements", has captivated his audience with a series of thoughtful videos

Regarding the world of self-help and personal development, renowned Tijuana native writer Don Miguel Ruiz, known as the creator of "The Four Agreements", has capitated his audience with a series of thoughtful videos. This acclaimed writer has not only left his print in the literary world, but has also been a spiritual guide for celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Tom Brady, the famous football player.

In his latest series of 10 videos, Don Miguel Ruiz addresses deep and transformative topics. Today, we will focus on two of his most revealing messages about beauty and knowledge.

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Beauty: loving your body without conditions

In the video dedicated to beauty, Don Miguel Ruiz emphasizes a message that talks about the importance of learning to love our body without conditions. According to Ruiz, loving your body without conditions means to embrace it like the love of our life.

Beyond being just a simple physical entity, our body reflects our strength and confidence. By accepting and loving our body as it is, we get access to a deeper feeling of happiness as we are truly ourselves. This act of self-love empowers us, reminding us of true contentment and the unbreakable joy of simply being ourselves.

Knowledge: defying expectations of society

In the next video, Don Miguel Ruiz shares a message that explores the prophecy of a child born out of pure love and a great beast of knowledge who is waiting for him outside. This beast, symbolizing the teachings and expectations of society, starts to mold the life of the child, aligning it with the familiar and social dreams of an adult.

However, with awareness, the child gets the power of redefining his path, embracing every moment of life with joy and authenticity, beyond the preestablished norms of the Dream of the Planet.

Don Miguel Ruiz continues to make an impact with his powerful message, reminding us of the importance of self-acceptance and being aware in the search of an authentic and significant life. His videos, full of wisdom, offer a valuable guide on the trip to self-knowledge and personal realization.

Books by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements:

Beyond Fear:

The Mastery of Love:

The Voice of Knowledge

The Fifth Agreement:

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