Goodbye to traffic and hours in line! Tijuana-San Diego trolley should be ready in 8 years

This project is a long-term investment

Tijuana is known as the most visited border in the world and this can be confirmed everyday by tourists and residents, which are witnesses to the huge number of people and vehicles in the city due to this. With the city's constant growth, more accesses to border crossings are also needed and that's why there's an initiative to extend the San Diego trolley line to Tijuana.

This is how long it will take the San Diego-Tijuana trolley to be ready

Approximately a year ago, studies and proposals were carried out regarding a trolley that could connect the city of Tijuana with San Diego. This is a long-term investment in order to speed up border crossings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles.

As months have passed, this proposal has strengthened to the point that there is an estimated time for the line’s creation. According to Cordoba Corporation, an engineering construction company, it could take approximately 8 years.

Jacqueling Reynoso, representative of Cordoba Corporation, stated:

Right now we are working on getting presidential approval on both sides. We are working on the planning studies so that they can be submitted to the secretariats that approve this type of projects, so that they evaluate it and it can undergo this process. In the next two years, we are hoping to finish the feasibility and environmental studies that are required and deliver that presidential permit.

SANDAG gave Cordoba Corporation a total of $50,000 dollars in October 2022 so that they could do a study about how to make this trolley, which would be an extension of San Diego's current trolley blue line which ends at the San Ysidro port of entry.

Current lines of the San Diego Trolley
Current lines of the San Diego Trolley

The Secretary of the Economy of Baja California, Kurt Honold Morales, stated:

...tentatively, they already think this is a good idea, it would end up on the pedestrian lines where people can cross and there would be a few special ones for these people. We are working on this but it is going to take a while.

How much will it cost to ride this trolley?

According to initial studies, there will be a stop at Avenida Revolución in Tijuana where passengers should pay between $5 and $8 dollars to cross the border.

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