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Bioluminescent waves have returned to San Diego beaches

An incredible phenomenon that attracts dozens of people to the region's coasts

Photo by: (Vishwas Lokesh- Instagram)

An amazing spectacle has returned to San Diego coasts: bioluminescent waves, a phenomenon that occurs due to the blossoming of plankton.

Photographer Vishwas Lokesh, known as @shotbyvish on Instagram, was able to capture this nightly event in two beaches: La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines State Beach.

"This famed glowing phenomenon is triggered by dinoflagellates, often referred to as "fire plants" for their ability to emit light. Essentially, these are chemicals generated by marine organisms when agitated," Lokesh explained to his Instagram followers.

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This event is associated with the red tide, a discoloration of ocean waters due to the blossoming of algae.

This event can be brief or last for several weeks, "while we've experienced numerous bioluminescence sightings along our coast this year, predicting the exact time, location, or duration remains challenging," Lokesh said.

Not all red waves cause this reaction, as there are different types. The proliferation of algae can be potentially harmful due to its toxins. However, currently there is no public health warning about these blossoming that is occurring along the California coast.

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