Governor Marina del Pilar inaugurates first stage of Laguna México Park in Mexicali

Laguna México Park is the biggest green area in the history of the capital of Baja California

Governor Marina del Pilar was in Mexicali in order to inaugurate the first stage of Laguna México Park, the biggest green area in the history of the region, which will be one of the natural attractions and ideal areas for the conservation of biodiversity and fun for the families of Mexicali. Once the park's third stage is finished, it will be 2.5 times bigger than the city's Bosque de la Ciudad.

In her speech, the state governor highlighted the construction of this park because it is the realization of a dream of the Mexicali community and thanked the committed support from organized civil society, especially Mexicali Gran Visión, an institution that has worked for the conservation of the lagoon system in Mexicali.

Marina del Pilar added that in Baja California public projects are being carried out like never before and that includes the construction of the biggest parks in the history of Baja California, while always working in coordination with the Government of Mexico, led by president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has shown his willingness to improve the lives of Baja Californians.

The governor also highlighted that Parque Laguna México will have more than 26,000 trees and that the lagoon system will continue to be of huge importance for its ecological balance, sheltering flora and fauna, and it will be home for migratory and resident birds as they can rest and feed themselves here.

"Nature is not somewhere we visit: nature is our home. This park is a gift for Mexicali families and it is a commitment with the environment," the governor said.

At this event, the coordinator of Regeneration Programs of Public Spaces of Baja California, Carlos Torres Torres, was present and he highlighted the relevance that these green areas have for the construction of a better and healthier future for the whole community.

In addition, he explained that the park has functional restrooms and it has a water reuse and purification system. More than 500 trees and more than 100 bushes have been planted in 8 huge hectares, involving an investment of 120 million pesos. Thanks to a trust, it will have maintenance and it will promote at all times care among all the citizens who visit the park.

"The participation of civil society is key here so that this project can consolidate and be maintained. The important thing is not to have a magical, secret, or enigmatic place, but a place that people can enjoy, that families can discover," Torres Torres said.

At this event the following people were also present: the Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development ,and Territory Redesign, Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo; the mayor of Mexicali, Norma Alicia Bustamante Martínez; Mexicali Gran Visión representative, Luis Solís; Secretary of the Management, Treatment, and Protection of Water, José Armando Fernández Samaniego; the Secretary of Education, Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides, and the Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Mónica Vega Aguirre, as well as several different representatives of civil society in Mexicali.

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