Explore America’s Most Haunted House: Whaley House in San Diego

A place full of stories and legends perfect for those who love the paranormal

Halloween is only a few weeks away and there are people who are looking for horror and mystery fun during this season.

Separate from the traditional haunted houses that theme parks promote every year, there are some in real life that can frighten throughout the whole year and such is the case with the Whaley House located in California.

Built in the old execution grounds of San Diego, the Whaley House in Old Town was the house of an unfortunate family of five members back in the day.

Despite knowing the dark history of this land, an old scaffold with huge gallows where several people were killed, businessman Thomas Whaley decided to build a house for his family in 1857. He even placed an arch in the living room to mark the exact place where Yankees thief, Jim Robinson, went through his torturous execution.

The family experienced several deaths during the time they lived in this house, including two children in the family.

The first of them died in this place one year after he moved: Thomas Jr. was victim of scarlet fever, a bacterial infection that took his life, while young Violet Eloise killed herself, shooting herself when she was 22 years old, after being betrayed by the man she had married.

Those who visit the house claim that the spirit of Thomas Whaley can be seen standing in the living room and his wife's, Anna Whaley, can be seen in the rooms of the first floor and in the garden.

Without a doubt, one of the strangest apparitions is that of a girl in a long dress who, according to legend, was friends with the Whaley kids and died after accidentally breaking her neck in the backyard.

Life magazine considered it the "America’s most haunted house" even though both the house and the museum are open to the public with daytime and nighttime tours.

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Daytime Self-Guided Tour

  • Self-paced tour through the interior and surrounding grounds of the house.
  • See and hear the history that makes the property a unique legacy site.
  • Discover the heritage that leads many to believe that this is America's most haunted house.

Working hours: Monday-Sunday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM

Whaley House After Hours Paranormal Investigation

  • Participate in an actual paranormal investigation with an experienced guide.
  • Get hands-on with the latest ghost hunting equipment.
  • Learn the darker side of the Whaley House and the spirits that refused to move on.

Working hours: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:30 PM.

To learn more or to buy your tickets, visit the following website:

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