Marina del Pilar delivers aid to 356,000 minors in basic and special education in Baja California

An investment of 11.8 million pesos to equip 224 special education schools was also announced

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, highlighted the delivery of economic aid to 356,000 children in basic and special education schools so that they can continue their studies, saying that child assistance is one of the main pillars of her State Development Plan.

In addition, she pointed out that that the investment in the 2023 fiscal year only in education aid is way above 96 million pesos which has been used to deliver backpacks with school supplies, packages, uniforms, and school and sport shoes.

This year 11,842,000 pesos have also been invested this year to equip 209 education state centers to benefit 23,223 students.

In addition, the government has also delivered eyeglasses with the "Ver bien para aprender mejor" program and given scholarships to children with high school performance, both in special education and basic education schools in the state.

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