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This is why the bioluminescence phenomenon occurs in San Diego

The sea in the southern coast of San Diego has been illuminated with fluorescent colors

Bioluminescence is a strange phenomenon with lights that doesn't happen very often. However, when it does occur it becomes a show that attracts tourists from everywhere and some experts say that this is about to occur in the coast of San Diego.

This natural event has a very interesting history in San Diego to the point that it became a historical event, because one was able to see a completely red sea. Amazing!

In 2020, a historic event occured when the southern coast of California was filled with fluorescent colors, a spectacle caused by the high density of lingulodinium polyedra, a famous species of plankton that can emit a neon blue light.

This red sea occured in the spring of 2020 and it caught the attention of a lot of people and was worldwide news. Toxins were detected here to such a degree that they had the potential to harm marine life; levels of dissolved oxygen decreased biomass to almost zero, which caused the red sea to decompose.

A study led by scientists of the Scripps Oceanography Institute and the Jacobs School of Engineering of the University of California San Diego has discovered how this plankton species was able to have such a dense spread. Researchers have deployed several instruments in the San Diego coastal ocean in order to investigate and discover new things.

Among them, they revealed that plankton, specifically L. polyedra, were highly mobile, swim upwards during the day and downwards at night to have access to a deep reserve of nutrients, which is why this results in such an intense red color in the sea.

Many fishermen tend to relate this event with the lunar cycle due to the increase in tides during the full moon, but this is not 100% confirmed. It is simply something that tends to happen naturally.

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