3 emerging therapies to fight cancer

It's essential to consider several different alternatives when it is time to choose the best option that adapts to the needs of the patient

Medicine is an open field for research and treatment renovation whose goal is to provide new alternatives for patients that guarantee a better life process and, as such, a better future.

One of the main issues that are being currently addressed is to make treatments that create the least amount of side effects in patients, so that they can enjoy a proper life once the disease has been treated.

Cancer may probably be the first disease that causes these difficulties in patients. In addition to being the first cause of death in the world, it is also a disease that drags down all family members, both emotionally and economically and, despite efforts, there may be no guarantee of a hopeful future.

Medic analysing the procedure of a therapy
Medic analysing the procedure of a therapy

That is why it is essential to consider several different alternatives when it is time to choose the best option that adapts to the needs of the patient. One of them is located in the city of Tijuana: Immunity Therapy Center, specialized in cancer treatment, has a vast catalog of diverse and innovative therapies. All of them are minimally invasive and are applied to the patient in a regulated manner, based on the patient’s health status and the stage at which the disease is found.

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So that everyone knows, we’ll tell you all about three innovative alternative therapies provided by ITC.

The first one is intratumoral immunotherapy, which uses the patient’s own nervous system to attack cancerous cells and, accordingly, to avoid the growth of tumors. This therapy is done through a computerized tomography, while intratumoral medications are administered through an antibody injection directly on the identified tumor. Research has revealed that applying intratumoral immunotherapy has increased the rate of tumor regression and the regression of side effects associated with traditional cancer treatments.

intratumoral immunotherapy at ITC
intratumoral immunotherapy at ITC

The second alternative against cancer is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which consists of oxygenating additionally the patient’s body. During this process, the patient breathes 100% pure oxygen at a higher pressure through a hyperbaric chamber. With greater oxygenation through the bloodstream, it makes the cancerous cell elimination process easier and, at the same time, activates the body’s recovery process.

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The third therapy is sonodynamics. This is a minimally invasive alternative treatment, which combines low intensity ultrasound and specialized chemical agents, known as sonosensitizers, which cause the tissue to be more sensitive to the effects of the ultrasound. The combination of low intensity ultrasounds with sonosensitizers and molecular oxygen creates reactive species of oxygen that attack cancerous cells and prevent tumor growth. This therapy has two particular advantages. On one hand, it is a non-invasive process and, on the other, by its very nature, it allows for deeper penetration until reaching soft tissue with greater ease. This therapy can also be applied in combination with chemotherapy processes, as a preparation of the body for a better reception for the patient.

Patient recieving a therapy at ITC
Patient recieving a therapy at ITC

These three therapies are part of the great alternative catalog that ITC has in order to treat cancer ailments. Each of them is thoroughly analyzed depending on the situation in which the patient is found. In Tijuana, ITC is strategically located a few minutes away from the San Ysidro port of entry and the access of the Tijuana International Airport. In addition, it is certified as a specialized center in cancer treatment.

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Types of alternative cancer treatments

More than 21 alternative therapies and natural treatments for cancer are combined with traditional treatments. Some of the options are:

Enzyme therapy
• Vitamin and mineral therapies
• Oxygen therapy
• biomagnetic therapy
• Laser therapy
• HALO therapy
• Hyperthermia

It is important to note that most stays are for six weeks, but depending on the patient and the progress of their condition, this period may be longer or shorter. Instructions are provided so that the patient can continue their treatment at home after leaving the center.

This type of treatment is unique because of its use of alternative therapy, and therefore not covered by medical insurance, so each patient must pay for his or her own expenses. Patients can contact the center for help finding the best payment option.

Most patients come to the center accompanied by a loved one, so that they have the support and company of someone they trust, which is crucial when undergoing treatment for disease.

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the following link. This could be the life opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | Survivor Testimonials

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