Marina del Pilar administration strengthens assistance for children with disabilities in Baja California

Marina del Pilar has confirmed her commitment with children and young people in the state claiming that they have complete support during her administration

Governor Marina del Pilar has reaffirmed her commitment with children and young people in Baja California, claiming that during her administration, they will never be lacking in support from the state. To increase the assistance provided by the Center of Rehabilitation and Children Inclusion to children and teenagers, Marina del Pilar has signed with the board members of Fundación Teletón the 2023 Agreement for the Children and Young People with Disabilities and Autism, tripling their economic aid.

"While I'm governor, the children of Baja California will never lack support from the state government. This is why today's agreement is signed until 2027, until my last day as governor," she said in a speech in front of beneficiaries and the staff of CRIT Baja California.

In addition, she said, in front of the Director of the Northern Region of Fundación Teletón, Herminio Rodríguez, that until the last day of her administration, 4,1 million pesos will be allocated to CRIT Baja California per month. This represents more than 49 million pesos per year, resources which will be allocated to provide care for children and teenagers that require it.

"This agreement that we are signing today means that our government and CRIT are working hand in hand and that we are dedicated to protecting our children and teenagers who have a condition or who are in the neurodiversity spectrum," she said.

The governor stated that it is responsibility of authorities to provide the necessary inclusion mechanisms so that people with disabilities can overcome the obstacles of their environment, as well as to open doors to treatments and rehabilitation. This is what is represented by the signing of this agreement with Fundación Teletón, alongside the Secretariat of Wellbeing, led by Netzahualcóyotl Jáuregui Santillán.

"To our children I reiterate that nobody can take away your right to dream and be happy. You have immensely huge wings and it is up to us to help you open them so you can fly as high as possible to where you can reach your dream. Our children and teenagers are our driving force every day," the governor underscored.

For his part, the director of CRIT Baja California, Julio Paz Romero,stated that at the beginning of this state administration the institution's staff increased from 40 to 85 collaborators, and went from treating 400 children to treating 1,500 children and teenagers. In addition, autism spectrum care has also begun in these facilities.

As part of her activities on Tuesday, Governor Marina del Pilar also had a citizen meetup with neighbors of Colonia Reforma in Tijuana, in order to receive directly their requests and channel them to the different agencies of the state government. She also reaffirmed her commitment with continuing direct dialogue with the community.

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