Municipal Administration will leave "legacy projects" for Tijuana after World Design Capital 2024

Some of the projects for World Design Capital 2024 will be left as a legacy for the city

Among the projects that are part of the World Design Capital 2024, the government led by the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, will present a series of relevant projects that will remain as a legacy for Tijuana, prioritizing the needs of the city's development through design.

Tijuana and San Diego are two cities that are part of an important cross-border region and are making history by both being named as World Design Capital. This is because of their binational DNA, proposals of joint solutions on justice, equality, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and education matters, and their application of design to positively transform the region.

Due to this distinction, both cities are looking to redefine the narratives of the border community and promote them worldwide, forming an alliance with different educational, cultural, and government institutions, among others.

These legacy projects will redefine the development of Tijuana in high-impact areas with a vision of identity, dignity, solidarity, and social inclusion that will promote the wellbeing of the community.

Among these projects there are the redesign of the pedestrian San Ysidro and Otay ports of entry; the Línea Morada Project, which promotes the use of treated water to water green areas; Cañón de los Alacranes; the sports and recreational park Cerro de las Abejas; the Municipal Market, among others.

The pedestrian San Ysidro and Otay ports of entry redesign contemplates the reconditioning of the pedestrian walkways of both ports of entry; a structure that is around 370 square meters. This is in order to have an attractive and functional image for visitors and it is estimated that an investment of 11.5 million pesos will be required.

The Cárcamo de Bombeo project of Línea Morada consists of a construction area of 42,500 square meters whose investment was 4.3 million pesos. It promotes the reuse of treated waters to water green areas in order to conserve more potable water for domestic use and preserve the development of the city.

At Cañón de los Alacranes, which is an immigrant space with social services such as a school with pedagogic vegetable patches and hydroponics farms, medical offices, collective kitchens, and a system of strategies for environmental restoration and landscaping. A pavement project with hydraulic concrete will be undertaken in an area of 750 lineal meters long and it will contemplate the construction of a drain concrete box. To carry out this project, an investment of 21.7 million pesos is estimated.

One of the programs that is part of the legacy projects is "Kilómetros de Luz" which is something that the administration led by mayor Montserrat Caballero has worked on since she took office. Its goal is to strengthen the wiring of public lighting in the city, improving security in neighborhoods to achieve wellbeing among the population.

The recreational and sports park Cerro de Las Abejas is a megaproject that the current municipal administration is building in a space of 7.6 hectares with an estimated investment of 210 million pesos. This is in order to provide more and better spaces for families to congregate, promote physical wellbeing in the eastern zone of Tijuana, and make social interactions among Tijuana natives easier.

Another project that is part of the World Design Capital 2024 is the restoration of an area of 713.7 square meters of Mercado Municipal, Tijuana's oldest market, to improve the conditions of spaces used by merchants, making it into a place that Tijuana natives and tourists can visit. To carry out this restoration, an investment of 30 million pesos is contemplated.

In addition, as part of the program prepared by authorities on both sides of the border for the World Design Capital 2024, the municipal administration has been promoting, since its beginning, art and culture, events, exhibitions for the community to participate in, and the city as a design destination.

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