Marina del Pilar confirms Baja California as an “ideal destination” for investments

The relocation of supply chains, also known as nearshoring, in Baja California offers great opportunities for investors from all over the world

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, presented to investors and specialists from several parts of the world information that allows them to analyze the opportunities that the state offers to set up and expand supply chains. This occurred during a meeting at the Mexico-US Chamber of Commerce in New York City.

In her speech, the Baja Californian governor highlighted the work of this institution in promoting commercial relations between Mexico and the United States, becoming a key institution for the signing of USMCA, an essential commercial agreement for an important zone of the world economy.

“Baja California is entering a new era where we are diversifying to the max our commercial vocations and our creative industries,” Governor Marina del Pilar explained.

As such, she highlighted the importance of nearshoring, or relocation supply chains to areas with geographical proximity, as Baja California offers opportunities and advantages for the establishment of companies. Adding to this the high level of specialization, this results in the improvement of workers’ wages.

“Due to nearshoring, just in the last year, we have obtained more than 635 million dollars of investments just in purchases of land and construction of industrial warehouses, which has resulted in more than 20,000 jobs being created,” she added, and gave as an example the specific case of the electronics industry which creates more than 120,000 jobs in the state.

In addition, there are more than 75,000 jobs created by the industry that creates medical devices and the constant growth of joint ventures, collaborations between companies to strengthen their operations and maximize their benefits. “The advantages offered by Baja California due to our geographical position, our ports of entry, our communication methods and mobility, are things that no other place in Mexico offers,” Marina del Pilar underscored.

Marina del Pilar stated that in 2024, the government of Mexico led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will kick off what will be the most modern and sophisticated port of entry in the US-Mexico border. It consists of ten passenger lanes and ten bus lanes, and it is the biggest investment ever made in the northern border in the 21st century.

“In Baja California, we offer much more than industrial warehouses and workforce. We offer creator talent with a high level of specialization and an ability to head high level of executive jobs with a lot of responsibility. This is why today we are pushing to get an economic growth where investments and revenue really benefit everyone and not just a few,” she concluded.

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