Marina del Pilar administration promotes decent environments for children and teenagers

This initiative has benefited more than 237,000 families in the state

In order to get rid of domestic violence for children and teenagers so that they can have a healthy and decent environment, the government of Baja California kicked off the Familias DIFerentes initiative. Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda pointed out that this project promoted by the state DIF includes activities such as Escuela para las Familias, puppet theater shows, children's workshops, and talks that have reached 237,785 Baja Californians.

The state governor highlighted that the goal of her administration is to provide Baja Californian families with a series of tools so that they can make decisions and prevent the social issues that affect childhood, adolescence, parents, and seniors.

"We are working and consolidating a strategy to prevent several risks that can occur in each stage of life, through a series of actions that promote values and respond to certain questions that people have. Nowadays, more than ever, we have to strengthen the social fabric promoting values and the respect of rights,” Marina del Pilar said.

On the other hand, the president of the state DIF, Mavis Olmeda García stated that through several different puppet theater shows and using animated characters and fun activities, information is given to children, of 3 to 8 eight years old, regarding issues such as nutrition, friendship, family, respect, sexual abuse prevention, children and teenagers’ rights, values, among others, guaranteeing the wellbeing and complete development of minors. This activity has benefited 30,204 children.

In addition, through children's workshops, the needs of children, ages 9 to 12, are addressed, who play creating, learning, participating, and collaborating in groups, while learning about different concepts related to values and tools that allow them to improve their quality of life. With this activity 51,062 children have been benefited with issues such as gender equality, school responsibility, bullying, family, and friendship as a support network, among others.

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Moreover, Pláticas de Frente focuses on teenagers whose development is boosted by strengthening their socioemotional abilities with topics of interest that provide prompt information to prevent social and health problems. With this activity, 81,000 young people have been benefited in the seven municipalities of Baja California.

Lastly, Doctor Mavis Olmeda highlighted the importance of Escuela para las Familias that has helped more than 75,513 people, who have strengthened themselves inside and outside of their family through several issues such as human rights, assertive communication, gender equality, positive care, rights of children and teenagers, stress management, resilience, among others.


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