Family of one of the victims of attack in Ensenada asks for aid to bring body back home

An armed attack in San Vicente, Ensenada, tragically left 10 people dead and 7 wounded

On Saturday afternoon, an armed attack in San Vicente, Ensenada tragically left 10 people dead and 7 wounded. A suspicious group driving black trucks opened fire against a Razer-type caravan that was being exhibited. 9 people died at the shoulder, while the wounded were moved to the hospital’s emergency room.

After this incident, agents of the army and the National Guard came to this place to assist the victims and search for the culprits. After this terrible incident, one of the victim’s family members are asking people for aid in order to move the body through a GoFundMe campaign.

An amazing life was lost 05/20/2023, He was a father, a husband, a son. His life was tragically stolen from us in an act of violence where he was an innocent bystander. Isaias was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time who unfortunately died running for his own life.

The family of Isaias, who was known for his kindness and generosity and frequently organized groups to provide help and food for homeless people downtown, is humbly requesting donations so that repatriation, funeral, and burial expenses can be covered.

With permission from his wife, any donation will be given to his wife and his daughter, who Isaias is leaving behind. According to what’s been posted on this website, due to this difficult moment of pain and suffering, “any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

Click here if you wish to help.

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