Governor Marina del Pilar delivers economic scholarships to Baja Californian athletes

The governor of Baja California recognized the talent and the effort of the region’s athletes, to whom she delivered economic scholarships to aid their sport development

Around 700 economic scholarships focused on strengthening sport and academic development in Baja California’s athletes were delivered by Governor Marina del Pilar who reaffirmed her commitment with one of the most beneficial sectors for society.

Accompanied by the director of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Baja California (INDEBC), Erik Isaac Morales Elvira, the state governor stated that athletes in Baja California won’t be missing any support from the state government.

“It fills me with pride to see you with the shield of Baja California on your chest. I know that you are putting your heart above all when you train, which is why I want to acknowledge also the families who help you. There is still a lot you have to do to fill us with so many reasons to feel proud,” she said.

Marina del Pilar highlighted the importance of the tenacity and the commitment to achieve the goals that athletes set for themselves, as well as the value of experience to strengthen themselves and improve every day.

“Dreams are built. One doesn’t arrive with a medal on their chest, one works and builds the tools to reach these goals. I am convinced that sport and culture change our lives,” the governor said to motivate the young athletes that were present at this ceremony.

Lastly, Marina del Pilar highlighted and thanked the work by coaches and families to permanently boost young people in motivating them and putting them on the way to achieve results in any competition.

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