Kristen Medina enjoys the wonders of Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort in Valle de Guadalupe

She shared her experience on Instagram

Photo by: Ig: @kristennmedina

Valle de Guadalupe is one of the most visited areas by tourists; though everyone goes there to have fun and enjoy family trips, not everyone knows that there are places in the valley to relax and charge your batteries. The ideal place to do this is at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort.

Mexican American entrepreneur and content creator Kristen Medina did not miss her chance this weekend and went to Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort in order to enjoy all of the wonders that this resort has to offer.

On her Instagram stories, she shared to her more than 700,000 followers her great experience of restoring, detoxing, and recovering your health. Some of the activities that she did here were a multivitamin intravenous procedure as well as enjoying and relaxing at the beautiful landscapes of this resort.

In addition, she ate the delicious food served at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort; it should be noted that most of the vegetables used in this restaurant are harvested in Montevalle’s own vegetable patch where one can find a great variety of aromatic plants, vegetables, and fruit trees.

Medina claimed that Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has become her favorite place that she will visit every time she wants to relax and restore her health. She added that the staff were very kind and the lodging was incredible. She added that the food will be one of her most cherished memories of this visit as it was exquisite. Since she is a healthy person, it is something very important to her that the vegetables are organic and that the dishes are full of nutrients.

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