How can you travel in the Ensenada-San Diego ferry this summer? Prices, capacity, and more

A new form of transportation will connect Baja California with the United States

Baja California, one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, is about to receive a new form of transportation to connect it with the United States: a ferry that will join Ensenada and San Diego. This will be an excellent option for tourists who wish to explore both regions who don’t want to deal with traffic and the stress of driving on the highway. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this important project for the region.

When will it begin operations?

The project has been moving forward in the last few months and, according to authorities, it has already been authorized by both countries to begin operations in June 2023.

What is its capacity?

The ferry has capacity for 300 people and it will be a fast and efficient option. It should be noted that though it won’t carry vehicles at first, it is expected that this option will be implemented in the future as a convenience for its users.

Where was the ferry purchased?

According to Honold Morales, the Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, the ferry is already authorized and only implementation details are left. The boat was purchased in Vancouver, Canada and it is expected to arrive in Baja California soon.

What are its benefits?

One of its main benefits will be that it will allow for a great connection between both destinations, which will create greater tourist and economic activity. In addition, it is expected that the ferry attracts a greater number of international tourists, especially from the United States.

How much will it cost?

Though the fee isn’t final, it has been said that the ferry will cost $500 pesos per passenger. It is also unknown what will be the cost if the passenger also brings in their vehicle. Regarding travel time, as it is a 111-kilometer distance from port to port, it will take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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