Baja Californian Bianca Castro-Cerio is the first Mexican woman to win gastronomic award in Dubai

Bianca has cooked for the Vatican and Hilary Clinton during her presidential campaign

Pastry chef and griller Bianca Castro Cerio has been awarded with “El Taco de Oro” (Golden Taco) in Dubai for her career and her promotion of Mexican confectionery abroad. It should be noted that though this award tends to be given to Mexican cooks that live outside of Mexico, this is the first time that it has been given to a specialized chef that resides in Mexico.

The chef, who is a Mexicali native, was inspired by her grandmother, who transferred her her love for pastries and the secrets of Italian traditions. With Baja Californian roots and northeast Mexican culture, Bianca has managed to create delicious desserts using grilled and smoked techniques.

Bianca Facebook
Bianca Facebook

Her talent and dedication have allowed her to stand out in the Mexican gastronomic scene and transcend borders, taking Mexican pastries abroad. This award is an acknowledgement of her career and contribution to the promotion of Mexican gastronomy.

According to Lorousse Cocina, she and her grandmother who is of Italian heritage, Norma Trenti, who is a partner at ByBiaNca Bakery and Catering, joined forces to support doctors in hospitals when the pandemic began.

Bianca and Nana (Facebook Bianca)
Bianca and Nana (Facebook Bianca)

Bianca and Norman taught people how to cook on Instagram and donated what they made to doctors for more than 6 months. This initiative had great success and managed to cause a positive impact in communities.

And not only that, but her culinary ability has also been shown in several different parts of the world and prestigious kitchens, including the Vatican. She also had the opportunity of cooking for Hilary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

Bianca Facebook
Bianca Facebook

The Taco de Oro Dubai 2023 Awards are important awards consisting of 13 statuettes and more than 60 awards given for taking Mexican culture, with its delicious dishes and authentic products, to different parts of the world

This event represents a unique opportunity to recognize those who have worked hard in preserving and spreading Mexican flavors. Congratulations to the Baja Californian chef!

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