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Secretariat of Security creates informative link for American tourists in Tijuana

SSPCM will inform and guide American tourists during their visit to the city of Tijuana

Through the Secretariat of Municipal Security and Citizen Protection (SSPCM), the municipal administration led by mayor Montserrat Caballero created the informative link: whose goal is to provide information for American tourists during their visit to Tijuana for health matters.

This is in order to offer American citizens, particularly those from southern California, useful information during their stay in the city; this application has been promoted by the Medical Health Cluster among US residents who travel to Tijuana for medical reasons.

“At the beginning of February, the Medical Health Cluster and other medical associations held a meeting with the Secretariat of Security, José Fernando Sánchez González with whom we have close contact to discuss topics regarding the medical community. We also agreed to create this application in order to mainly benefit the patients of the other side of the border,” stated the President of the Medical Health Cluster, Abraham Sánchez Frehem.

With a goal of helping patients and tourists who visit Tijuana have a warm and safe stay, this platform provides the necessary information for the use of emergency mobile applications called “Botón Morado” (Purple Button) and “Botón de Emergencia” (Emergency Button). In addition, they can also file a complaint or thank agents of the Municipal Police, find out the location of delegations, and read the city’s laws in English and Spanish.

In addition, the emergency number 9-1-1, the Anonymous Report number 089, and the Tourist Assistance 078 lines are all provided, as well as the location of the nearest border crossing from the user’s location.

Sánchez Frehem stated that the SSPCM link which provides necessary information for tourists will be shared through doctor appointments, emails, WhatsApp groups, and promoted through QR codes.

The head of MH Cluster highlighted that the implementation of this link was thanks to the excellent relation that exists with the Municipal Government, something that has allowed them to carry out several activities such as a recent educational talk made by agents of the Municipal Police at Tijuana’s Medical College. These agents shared their main recommendations when it comes to security, both for the administrative staff of this school and doctors.

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