Marina del Pilar promotes safe tourism in Baja California

The governor presented the program “Sé Turista en Tu Estado” which offers discounts at several businesses in the region

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, spoke about the unfolding of a strategy focused on the wellbeing of local and foreign visitors so that they can enjoy the beauty of the state. This is being done in coordination with the state and the federation to guarantee safety and healthy recreation during the season.

In Marina del Pilar’s morning press conference which took place in Playas de Rosarito, the state governor highlighted that, along with the Secretariat of Tourism, the state is preparing to assist all tourists, providing them with information, guidance, and handling any complaint they may have about services. This can be done through the assistance line 078, the Secretariat’s social media pages, or the state government.

For that, she explained, the Secretariat of Citizen Security will tour through the areas with greater touristic turnout in coordination with municipal security organizations, with 14 units and 1 helicopter.

In Tecate, the Citizen Security Agency will also have an active tourist police which will cover the city’s exit points, with 138 agents and 15 units.

In addition, safe transit will be made easier in the region’s roads with support from CAPUFE, Ángeles Verdes, the National Guard, all local police officers, the Red Cross, and FIARUM. This last agency will double the number of support and road assistance crews and tools to help assist users.

Marina del Pilar informed that more than 230 officers and 17 vehicles, tow trucks, and emergency units will be assisting users in the state’s roads.

In addition, Ángeles Verdes will cover the roads of Mexicali to San Felipe with two units; Mexicali to La Rumorosa, with one unit; and the road from Tijuana to La Rumorosa, with one additional unit. From Guerrero Negro to Punta Prieta there will be another unit and from Tijuana to Playas de Rosarito there will be a tow truck.

Mobile assistance units will be available in Playas de Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito, Miguel Hidalgo Park in Tecate, and the inn at Los Pinos in San Quintín.

Alongside the Agency of Public Security of Ensenada, 191 officers and 96 units will be used to tour tourist areas.

Meanwhile, to handle emergencies promptly, the Civil Protection Agency and the Tecate Fire Department will support strategic locations with 6 stations and 5 vehicles.

In addition, there will be support from the Mexican Red Cross which will have both its established and temporary ambulance bases to monitor sensitive locations, adding 120 members and 36 units.

Marina del Pilar also stated that the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development will also participate with guided tours at Parque Constitución de 1957, talks about astronomy, and the condor project at Parque San Pedro Mártir.

"Reports of environmental irregularities will also be handled,” she said.

For their part, the National Institute of Migration will install 6 assistance units at the following ports of entry: El Chaparral in Tijuana, the Cross Border Bridge CBX at Tijuana International Airport, the Bus Station in Tijuana, and Ports of Entry 1 and 2 in Mexicali.

Meanwhile, PROFECO will provide personalized assistance prioritizing Playas de Rosarito, Ensenada, and Tijuana.

This is all added up to the joint support provided by the State Coordination of the National Guard and the Secretariat of National Defense which will tour the areas with greater turnout.

For his part, the Subsecretary of Tourism, José de Jesús Quiñónez, explained that the three levels of government are working together alongside civil society organizations to provide assistance and information to the visitors of the state.

In addition, he stated that the offices of the Secretariat of Tourism are located in the seven municipalities and that they will be delivering, starting on Monday, cards of the program “Sé Turista en tu Baja California” (Be a Tourist in Your Baja California), where Baja Californians can benefit from 15% to 40% discounts in around 200 establishments such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, and shops. You can get it digitally by registering on the following page:

Due to this, the Governor of Baja California led the state launch of vacation operation "Semana Santa 2023" where several institutions and organizations are participating to guarantee safe vacations for national and foreign tourists.

At this meeting, the following people were present: Armando Ayala Robles, municipal president of Ensenada; Araceli Brown Figueredo, mayor of Playas de Rosarito; Jorge Enrique Martínez Medina, state coordinator of the National Guard; Javier Rivera Zaragoza, coordinator of Ángeles Verdes in Baja California; Jorge Víctor Vázquez Zárate, vice admiral of the Military Naval Region; commander of the Second Military Zone, general Francisco Javier Zubia González; and the secretary of Citizen Security of Baja California, general Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán.

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