Marina del Pilar manages federal resources to protect Baja Californian women

The governor of Baja California met with the president of CONAVIM, Fabiola Alanís, in order to review federal programs to benefit women in the state

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, held a meeting in Mexicali with the president of the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women (CONAVIM), Fabiola Alanís Sámano, where they agreed to deliver federal resources in order to benefit girls, young women, and adult women in Baja California so as to update actions and public policies to protect them.

Marina del Pilar highlighted the work by CONAVIM and its president to develop programs and subsidies meant to improve the functioning of institutions to defend and protect women in each state, allocating more resources to deal with Mexican women’s specific needs.

In addition, Governor Marina del Pilar recognized the willingness of Alanís Sámano to deepen relations and work in coordination with Baja California, a state that has made important progress regarding protection of women. It has had several different defined paths of work whose goal is to deal with the current lag in different sectors, especially to bring safety and justice to all women who have been victims of violence.

For her part, the federal official recognized the role that Governor Marina del Pilar and her administration has played to eradicate violence against Baja Californian women and protect them, as well as make a difference nationwide regarding institutional actions with a gender perspective, creating a feminine front that is looking to transform and sensitize politics in Mexico.

In addition, she spoke about how each of the CONAVIM programs promotes the strengthening of public policies to benefit women in each Mexican state, understanding the difference circumstances that exist in each state.

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