He wasn’t a doctor! Director of Jerusalem Clinic in Playas de Tijuana is arrested for homicide

Juan Betancourt pretended to be a cosmetic surgeon, despite not even having a medical degree

Juan Betancourt, Director of Jerusalem Clinic located in Playas de Tijuana has been arrested for homicide, after an investigation carried out by the State’s Prosecutor General Agency where it was revealed that he offered services without having a medical or surgical degree.

In the investigation carried out by the state prosecutor it was discovered that Juan Betancourt received hundreds of patients and pretended to be a cosmetic surgeon. Once clients agreed to have a surgery at Jerusalem Clinic, they were transferred over, without their consent, to Florence Clinic, where doctor José Luis Tokunaga, with no cosmetic surgeon degree, performed the operation. Due to this investigation, Tokunaga was also arrested.

During today’s state press conference, Governor Marina del Pilar revealed that both individuals had been arrested after a series of reports due to malpractice. Charges are professional impersonation and involuntary homicide and they could spend from 6 to 21 years in prison. It should be noted that five other people are also under investigation due to the same crime.

The governor stated that, at the beginning of her administration, the region’s medical sector had not been following regulation policies and effective supervision to guarantee quality services, adding that with the support from COEPRIS, operatives to supervise clinics and hospitals have been intensified. This has resulted in the suspension of 12 establishments as they were not complying with the required laws to operate.

On July 5, 2022, Denver authorities confirmed the death of 38-year-old María José Chacón, who was the wife of the Guatemala Consul in Denver, Henry Ortiz. María had undergone cosmetic surgery by Juan Betancourt at Jerusalem Clinic, which had been suspended for several months by the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks, for not having the necessary licenses.

Despite being closed, Juan Betancourt ignored the designated seals and continued to receive patients, with the consul’s wife among them.

Victims who survived these neglectful surgeries are being assisted by specialists on these matters.

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