Discover the wonders that Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has to offer in Valle de Guadalupe

Massages and therapies are some of the activities that can be done here

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort is located in an environment full of peace and relaxation in the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada; approximately one and a half hours away from the San Ysidro port of entry. In this place, one can detox, improve, and restore their health with the most comprehensive therapeutic processes.

On this occasion, host Denitza Garcia toured the several amenities of Montevalle alongside a guide, who explained to her that while people who come here receive several different therapies and activities, they are also given free time to do whatever they wish to do.

One of the amenities is the gym where people can exercise when they need to. There is also a spa and special rooms with beds and sofas where different therapies are carried out. One of the main key features of each room is their view, which adds an incredible landscape at any time of the day.

The men’s room has a steam room, which is one of many visitors’ favorites. Among the amenities, there is also a massage room. The second therapy room has a special feature: direct access to the outside with a beautiful view and a massage chair which all adds up together with the landscape and the sound of a fountain to create a unique experience. The pool area is ideal to relax, enjoy the water, the jacuzzi or sunbathe.

Their rooms have everything you might need from internet to TV, and glass slide doors that allow you to enjoy the landscape. The restaurant is located in one of the highest areas in Montevalle. Chef Núñez is the one in charge of making delicious and healthy food for guests, so they can appreciate Montevalle in all of its glory from its terrace.

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