Damián Alcázar recognizes Marina del Pilar as a promoter of film in Baja California

The Mexican actor highlighted the importance of continuing to support art and culture for future generations

First actor Damián Alcázar gave a conference called “Actuar en el cine” (Acting in Film), supported by the state of Baja California, in order to promote culture, art, and creativity where he also recognized the leadership and actions by Governor Marina del Pilar to boost the development of movies.

In presence of the attendants of this conference which took place at Cine Curto in Mexicali’s Historic Downtown, Alcázar recognized the values and actions of the Fourth Transformation, and considered that the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is the best national president in Mexico’s recent history.

The actor underscored the willingness of the governor to open communication channels so that young people can learn and emphasized that she belongs to a new generation of politicians alongside whom the social fabric will be strengthened and who will improve life conditions for all Baja Californians.

Marina del Pilar welcomed Damián Alcázar to Baja California, and recognized him for his significant experience in movies, culture, and the Mexican identity. This knowledge, she added, can be of value to young people interested in developing new productions in the state.

In addition, Marina del Pilar stated that Damián Alcázar has an important place in the history of national democracy as he has played, throughout his career, characters that reflect the reality of Mexican people, and he has helped through art in transforming the country, putting always people first.

In addition, the state governor highlighted the permanent aid that the film industry receives from the Agency of Creative Industries and pointed out that the state administration promotes film in a permanent manner as Baja California is the ideal place for film productions.

“As I am an actor, what I say is that we can make sure film is watched in Baja California. That films are made here, of course, but above all, that we watch a lot of films, because we can see them here or in a public plaza or a film club or in the library or school. Because where kids are, that is where we have to focus on very well. Children need to be given high quality things so that they learn how to watch good cinema,” Alcázar said.

The actor who has won 8 Ariel Awards toured the La Chinesca area in Mexicali’s Historic Downtown and met emblematic places of this Baja Californian area. He emphasized that the state government is doing a significant job in restoring this area.

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