Find out how to use your energy to heal at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort in Valle de Guadalupe

This health resort has everything you need to restore your health

At Valle de Guadalupe you will be able to find a specialized center where people go to restore and improve their health and detox. This place is Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort, which is only 1 ½ hours away from the San Diego-Tijuana border.

They have several different types of holistic therapies, and two of them are reiki and meditation, where the mind, soul, and body of person are involved. One of the ideal places you can go to before and after meditation is the “Reflexology Path”.

This path helps you connect with the Earth and soil, as you walk barefoot through the several different energy points in the body. It helps you to heal some health problems, relax, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Both meditation and reiki are some of the therapies that you can do here, some of which are:

  • Active Meditation
  • Pacific Meditation
  • Reiki in a Group
  • Personalized Reiki

With pacific meditation, a person gives themselves time to think and relax, creating a connection between attendants and those who meditate to identify what they need in that moment. With active meditation, it all depends on the energy that the person shares and the exercises they need to do, because in the end, this space is a reflection of your life, which is why one must focus on what they wish to do.

With reiki, what you do is share the energy and love with the universe and this energy is received from the person you are doing this with. It helps with several physical ailments and it aims to teach people how to use their energy, especially in Montevalle which is a place full of energy and with all the necessary amenities to improve your mental and physical health.

Don’t wait any longer and click here to make a reservation at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort to restore your health!

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