Tijuana native chef Danny Betancourt is awarded as a member of the World Federation of Chefs

This association awarded Chef Danny

Mexican chefs represent the country’s gastronomy when presenting their dishes at international events and, recently, a Tijuana native chef was awarded by a gastronomic Mexican association.

Chef Daniel Betancourt has received an award where he was recognized as a Member of the World Federation of Chefs, an association which encompasses several different clubs around the world: among these there are “Chefs of America”, “Chefs of Mexico”, and “Chefs of Europe”.

This award was shared on the Facebook page Cocineros de México, where they congratulated Chef ”Danny” (as he prefers being called). They wrote a brief description about him such as his place of birth and the fact that he currently resides in Tijuana, Baja California.

Danny had his culinary formation in kitchens in Mexico, the United States, and South Africa; his specialty is cooking on grills with coal, which is why he calls himself “El Maestro del Asado”. In addition, in 2018 he was nominated as a trending chef in Baja California’s gastronomic awards. He is currently the host of our show “Una Mordida Tacos” where he visits several different taquerias in Tijuana and other municipalities of Baja California.

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