Peso appreciates against the dollar; it can be traded at less than 19 pesos

The Mexican peso appreciated against the dollar by 0.40% on Wednesday, January 11

Today, January 11, 2023, Mexican currency registered an appreciation against the dollar of 0.40%, reaching 18.99 pesos per dollar.

According to Bloomberg, the Mexican peso registered a minimum appreciation of 0.1% in comparison with the previous closing, which had a depreciation of 0.02%, placing the dollar with a value of 19.07 pesos per unit.

For the first time since February 2020, the exchange rate traded below 19 pesos per dollar. It is expected that this exchange rate has a maximum value of 19.11 and minimum value of 19.04 pesos per dollar, very close to the minimum reached in November 2022 when the dollar was momentarily sold at 19.04 pesos.

In banks, according to El Economista, the dollar is being sold at 19.55 pesos, but this can vary depending on the banking institution. It is expected that this rate, which hadn’t appreciated in 3 years, remains steady, though the value of a currency can vary throughout the day.

This is the peso-dollar exchange rate in the following banks:

  • Afirme: Buying rate: 18.10 pesos, selling rate: 19.60 pesos
  • Banco Azteca: Buying rate: 18.30 pesos, selling rate: 19.09 pesos
  • Banorte: Buying rate: 17.90 pesos, selling rate: 19.30 pesos
  • Bancomer: Buying rate: 18.40 pesos, selling rate: 19.30 pesos
  • Banamex: Buying rate: 18.33 pesos, selling rate: 19.41 pesos
  • Scotiabank: Buying rate: 17.20 pesos, selling rate: 20.30 pesos

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