Warning issued due to an increase in beer prices in Mexico

Not only beer but bread and cigarettes as well

Photo by: Gerrie Van Der W.

Starting on Monday, December 19, the prices of bread, cigarettes, and beer will increase, according to the National Association of Small Businesses (ANEPC).

They explain that this increase is due to inflation and an increase in energy and raw material prices.

ANPEC added that this will be the second “blow” to consumers’ pockets in this year.

It was stated that the bread industry will issue new prices for their products, after the pressure this industry has had to endure in the last few months.

They also stated that the main raw material of this industry became significantly more expensive.

Regarding beer, Modelo company explained that this increase will be noticeable since Monday, December 12.

The president of ANPEC, Cuauhtémoc Rivera, stated that this is not an alarming measure, “but a more realistic one, as it is estimated that inflation will not stop and will continue to increase in 2023”.

It should be noted that Victoria and Corona beers belong to Grupo Modelo.

Meanwhile, Heineken revealed in the last few days that they are planning to increase the prices of their products next year.

He claimed that this decision is to compensate for raw material and energy prices, particularly in Europe.

The second biggest brewery in the world claimed that this increase will be handled responsibly depending on the conditions of local markets.

Thanks to an increase in prices, breweries have managed to significantly protect their margins during 2022.

Heineken added that they expect turnovers to remain stable or to grow modestly in 2023, this with increases in developed markets and drops in Europe.

Beer prices are not the only thing that continue to increase as other items’ prices will also increase including hygienic paper, cooking oils, bottled water, sodas, grains, among others, according to ANPEC.

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