Governor Marina del Pilar promotes the film industry of Baja California

The state of Baja California and CANACINE will work together to promote film productions in the region

The governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, signed todayan agreement with the National Chamber of the Film Industry (CANACINE) in order to strengthen the professional production of films in Baja California, within a professional and high-quality framework.

In her speech to the industry and Baja Californian society, Marina del Pilar pointed out that in her state there are creative professionals with great talent that have been supported by the Creative Industry Agency of the State of Baja California, a unique institution nationwide led by Abelardo Vázquez Ramos.

Marina del Pilar stated that the state, due to its variety of climates and sceneries, is still an ideal space for film productions which is why they have as a goal to strengthen this industry in Baja California, to shows the state’s image to the country and to the world. It is also an economic activity that represents wellbeing for thousands of families.

“It is a very generous industry because it translates into an economic revenue which doesn’t result in taxes, it is not a burden on citizens. In fact, it is the opposite, it is income that goes into our pockets that translates into many services in the hotel industry, gastronomy, transportation of personnel, among others,” she stated.

For his part, Tábata Vilar Villa stated that in CANACINE there are companies specialized in movie production, distribution, and exhibition, which carry out very specific activities so that this industry continues to strengthen in our country.

“Mexico is the fourth country with the most movie theaters in the world. We are the fourth country that sells the greatest number of movie tickets in the world, and we are among the first countries when it comes to production. We are a powerhouse when it comes to very important productions,” he said.

It should be noted that Baja California has registered before the Commission of Cinema of Baja California, 135 audiovisual projects including short films, movies, TV and web shows, and student projects, which have resulted in an economic revenue of 12 million pesos and have created 2,000 jobs in 2022, said Kurt Honold Morales, Secretary of Economy and Innovation.

The state official highlighted that recently made productions in Baja California productions include shows such as “Parrilleros” (Space), “Marea Alta” (VIX+), “Corona de Lágrimas” (Televisa), and “Más Allá de Ti” (VIX+), as well as full-length film “Amores Incompletos” by Gilberto González Penilla, which recently premiered at the International Film Festival of Los Cabos.

In addition, there are more shows for 2023 such as “Todavía Conmigo” by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, “Qué Hacemos con Mamá” by José Ramón Chávez Delgado, “Six Hours Away” by Nicholas Di Blasi, and “Hombrecito” by Miguel Nuñez, who received support thanks to a pilot program of a lodging initiative by the Tourism Promotion Trust Fund of Baja California.

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