House of Pancakes Academy promotes development of young athletes

It has several different areas of interest

The development and boosting of young people to create professionals is essential and House of Pancakes Academy has this as a goal as they empower young athletes through a holistic approach.

House of Pancakes Academy helps to create leaders both in and out of the field

This academy's founders, Jonte Berry and Corey Liuget, former player of the Los Angeles Chargers, have focused on boosting the development of young athletes with knowledge that provides them with help both in and out of the field. Their main areas of interest are:

Education against harassment: Through workshops and seminars they teach the effects of harassment and the vital importance of empathy and respect, empowering young people to act against harassment to create an inclusive and positive environment.

Leadership development: Instilling values such as teamwork, integrity, and responsibility with which, through interactive activities, they teach young athletes to be models of conduct in all areas.

Sports training: Specializing in the development of offensive and defensive lines, providing training sessions by training experts such as Corey Liuget, former professional player, they create better techniques, increase strength, and strengthen tactical understanding during the game.

This academy is committed to form people that can create a positive impact in their communities, using sports to provide valuable life teachings while promoting personal growth.

Community events, sports clinics, and outreach programs take place throughout the year that cooperate with schools and local youth organizations. The young people who have managed to be part of House of Pancakes Academy have managed to stand out in their athletic and academic activities, sharing their experiences with new members of the academy.

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