Marina del Pilar stands out as the best rated governor of Mexico

68.3% of Baja Californians support the Marina del Pilar administration

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda has become the best rated state official in the entire country, being supported by 68.3% of the people of Baja California, according to information by national pollster Demoscopia Digital.

Among the 32 governors evaluated on this poll, including both men and women, the governor of Baja California has always been placed in the first places when it comes to approval ratings, with her performance and her closeness to the people highlighted as one of her main characteristics, according to people surveyed.

According to information revealed, since she came into office in 2021, Marina del Pilar has placed well above 66.3% in approval ratings by her people.

Regarding the question “Today, do you approve or disapprove of Governor Marina del Pilar’s administration?”, 8.9% responded “Don’t know”, while 22.8% disapproved.

Marina del Pilar has distinguished herself as governor of Baja California due to the variety of areas her administration has encompassed such as guaranteeing better work conditions in the state, taking care of natural resources, aid for women in several different social roles, and promoting a dignified life for seniors.

In addition, in her recent tour in Europe, the governor was in charge of establishing the foundations of future alliances with countries such as France, who she is working with in order to achieve a greater management of water.

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