Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort has a special labyrinth for meditation walks

It is located in Valle de Guadalupe. Find out more about it here!

Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort is located in Valle de Guadalupe and Baja Window to the South host Denitza García visited this beautiful place to find out more about the meditation labyrinth and its Reflexology Path.

Fernando Maroño, general manager of Montevalle, spoke with Denitza about these amenities. Their Reflexology Path is specially designed as its stones are aligned in such a way so that when you take a step, pressure is applied at several different specific points on the soles of your feet which help you to restore your health.

It should be noted that this was designed so that anyone who visits can enjoy a simple, but entertaining game where you will be able to find shapes and even the name of Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort being made out of stone. This is why this path is considered ideal for people who enjoy unique types of therapy.

The meditation labyrinth is another amenity by Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort; its design was inspired by those who like to take meditation walks. This is a guided stroll that takes approximately 20 minutes by foot, and once you get to the center, it takes you 20 minutes to leave. This method helps you to calm your mind, boost your creativity, and self-reflect.

Don’t wait any longer, click here, and make a reservation at Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort and restore your health!

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