Fauna in Valle de Guadalupe is ranked as one of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants

This is according to the new ranking by 50 Best

“50 Best” is one of the most important ranking sites in the gastronomic world; as its name implies, it lists the 50 best things in any given category. Recently in their Latin America category, a Baja Californian restaurant appeared on the list as one of the best.

Fauna is a restaurant located in Valle de Guadalupe and was ranked #16 on their “50 Best Restaurants in Latin America” list. This is not all, however, as it also won the “Highest New Entry Award” as it entered the Latin America category for the first time and was ranked higher than any other first-time entry.

This is a restaurant that is different from the norm. Every day Chef David Castro Hussong and pastry chef Maribel Aldaco SIiva, create experimental menus that change daily, offering a unique experience to whoever decides to visit. Since 2017, it has continued to evolve until what it is today, part of the Bruma project which also has a vineyard, hotel with villas, and much more.

Their dishes, such as grilled octopus with fried pork rind and wagyu fat are served on communal tables that are meant to create a feeling of community among clients. It has a beautiful view and offers the opportunity to see one of the most wonderful sunsets in Valle de Guadalupe. According to 50 Best, this restaurant offers a unique taste of Baja California.

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